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Web Magic is a Top Rated Upwork agency. We deliver custom web solutions for startups and business


We focus on the limited technology list and constantly improving our skills to be professionals in them. We don’t use hundreds of technologies for just getting more projects. We concentrated on the most flexible and powerful technologies in the world. Our focusing, great communication, and organizing skills give our clients maximum value from the product, minimal development time, and ease of the support.


We involve a project manager and business analytic specialist for all our projects for free. We also provide all DevOps works. Additionally, we can provide design works and organize for you a full-cycle development


We, probably, are the best choice if you need an MVP or prototype. We have already prepared a lot of packages and scripts which help us to build web solutions fast and effectively


We focused on the next areas:

➤ Custom web solutions and web applications

➤ Web solutions based on Laravel and Angular

➤ Photo processing web services

➤ Education web apps

➤ File processing services


The most powerful technology list for your web service:

✔ Laravel

✔ Angular

✔ Docker

✔ Git


We also cover:


• Javascript / Vue



• AWS / Digital Ocean


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