We combine our rich experience, latest technologies, and personalized approach to realize your idea into a top-notch project

Our team provides high-quality web solutions using all the newest trends in education. Educational industry is always in demand. It develops really rapidly and technologies that represent it improve even faster. That’s why we keep up to all the innovations. Our specialists understand the audience's requests and know how to satisfy them in this particular niche, as we have created educational services earlier. We create strong logic with a simple interface for easier use. Our web solutions are enriched by a full stack, various functions and high-intense capabilities. We build for you a system that covers all the requests and gives a possibility for convenient use.

We provide your web application with the following functions:

  • lesson scheduling
  • using Google Calendar
  • clear payment getaway
  • testing
  • monitoring of the rates and progress
  • wide search of the internships
  • an array of educational material on one platform
  • possibility to attend conferences
  • flexible management

Personalized idea realization

Being the ones to realize your original concept is extremely valuable to our team. We strive to thoroughly and easily realize the idea throughout the entire development process.

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Different web solutions are required for the educational sector, which occasionally combines many key functions into one. Flexibility is crucial in a web program because of this.

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Unique interactive mechanic for your platform

We design web solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements, with functionality tailored to your specific ideas. If you teach some rare methods or branches of science, our team will provide your website with all the crucial features.

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Testing is a common thing in education. We will create any kind of testing for your web application. It's one of the most convenient ways of evaluating your students, and we make it even more clear and fast.

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Lesson scheduling

Lesson scheduling is one of the most essential features in the educational sphere.We build powerful applications with the possibility of scheduling your lesson using Google Calendar.

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Payment geteway

Most web solutions demand a convenient payment gateway. We use PayPal, Stripe, Paytriot, FirstData, Authorize.Net, and others to make paying easier.

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Here you can learn more in details what kind of technologies we use in our work

+ Any other API your project requires

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