A client came to us complaining about the unproductiveness of his service. So, at his request, we have modernized the whole system and upgraded it with new features.

As a result, we increased productivity from 40 thousand items per night to 2 million. All the processes can now be accomplished instantly, literally.

Furthermore, we implemented the ability to add new accounts from the user interface and send items using the API for various marketplaces and integrations (Amazon, eBay, Pigu, etc). Also, the latest detailed statistics for each action, product and supplier are available for observation.

Moreover, one of the most useful features of this service is filters that allow setting the necessary parameters for exports (items, suppliers, brands, weight, delivery time, etc.), and are also widely used for price calculations. This functionality helps to flexibly customize the work process of the service.

So, we got an extremely useful tool with a wide range of functions, with a flexible architectural solution that can perform large amounts of work, and which is easy to use.