We suggest you fill out a brief (questionnaire) for the design of the site. It will not take much time, but it will allow us to create the most accurate picture of the tasks facing you and effectively prepare for further work.

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First, let's get acquainted. Specify your data and a link to the current site (if any) of the tasks facing you and effectively prepare for further work:
1. Your name
2. Your email
3. Do you have a website at the moment? (If yes, please provide a link)
Now let's define the purpose, concept and direction of the future site:
4. The purpose of creating / redesigning the site
5. Type of the site being developed (Select the necessary items)
6. Elements that should be present on the site (For instance, slogan, search)
7. The main priorities of the site (You can select several)
Let's choose in what style the site should be. This is important for creating the right perception and transfer of the idea embedded in it:
8. Colors (You can attach a file with examples)
Do not like
9. Type of site in terms of perception (You can select several)
Almost done. Let's fill the last one, but not in the meaning block. Here you can additionally indicate your preferences and wishes:
10. Supposed menu items (For example, about the company, contacts)
11. Additional information / wishes
12. Examples of sites that like (Specify why)
13. Examples of sites that do not like (Specify why)
Fill the fields to increase the chance of project
Thank you

The brief was sent. Our owl will deliver it as soon as posible and we will contact you.

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